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The Gravel Doctor™ is a revolutionary new system that recycles, levels, and restores Gravel Driveways, parking lots, utility paths, barns in the residential and commercial applications.  Repairs will last longer than filling potholes with gravel.  Existing gravel can be recycled to save the cost of purchasing new material.  The Gravel Doctor™ can also landscape and reshape most unpaved surfaces.  Our unique system completely removes potholes, ruts, and corrugations leaving a smooth compacted surface.  When compared to conventional heavy machinery, the Grave Doctor™ achieves equal or superior results in less time while preserving the original landscape.


In a Days Work the Gravel Doctor™ will:

  • Re-edge the grass to gravel line bringing curb appeal to your driveway.
  • Scarify (not scrape) the top layer of the surface resurrecting old aggregate and removing the memory of potholes and ruts.
  • Remix, Redistribute, and regrade the existing material to build elevation and crown for proper water run-off.
  • Compact all the surfaces with a 2000 lb. roller.  A proper rainfall will allow finer particles to settle, resulting in a hard pack surface.
  • Top Dressing the surface with new aggregates will maintain beauty and proper water run-off (see new materials)


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